Dinosaur Museum: The World’s Best List

Dinosaur museum displays fossils of dinosaurs which existed times even before the earth. Even before it became home for humans. Historical events, materials, and pictures got from the times when these creatures existed are found in museums.

Dinosaur Museum: The World’s Best List

For example, the recent discovery of a species of dinosaur found near a dinosaur museum, that weighed 12 tonnes, and lived more than lived 200 million years ago, still leaves a global buzz in the ears of paleontologists.

If you’re intrigued as I am by the prehistoric world, this article rounds up a few of the world’s interesting museums for your enlightenment on dinosaurs.

1. The South African Dinosaur Museum (Cape Town, SA)

Firstly, the South African Museum is known for the awe display of various creatures and a large whale skeleton hung from the roof when you walk into the museum. Besides these, the museum, which is also a part of the “Iziko museum group” houses a 3-dimensional display of landscapes with reconstructions of dinosaurs that lived here.

Also, in the museum, it can also be found a complete set of the Heterodontosaurus skeleton. As well as a skull from the parts of the Carcharodontosaurus from North Africa. The skull was found to be bigger than a Tyrannosaurus rex, likewise the Jobaria sauropod. In there, are also collections of insects. The fossils, traditional wear, and stone tools crafted by people also lived over 120 000 years ago. This museum is one of the most equipped in the entire African horizon.

Dinosaur Museum: The World’s Best List

2. Natural History Museum (Paris, France)

Secondly, this dinosaur Museum is the Jardin des Plantes, a botanical garden along the river Seine. The dinosaurs collection is on the second floor of the building for display. Among which you’ll find the elongated “Diplodocus,” the three-horned “Triceratops”. Also, the “Sarcosuchus Imperador (the largest crocodile that ever crawled the face of the earth.)

Also, the “Un Tyrannosaurus Rex à Paris” (A Tyrannosaurus rex in Paris) exhibition took place in 2018. Where a distinctly rare Tyrannosaurus rex specimen, named “Trix” was on display in that exhibition.

3. Zigong Dinosaur Museum (Zigong, China)

Thirdly, the Zigong Dinosaur Museum, located in “Dashanpu” at “Zigong City.” In the province of “Sichuan,” it was in 1987 on hollow grounds, is known for having the biggest fossils collection. This is the biggest in the world. Because It accommodates an average of 7-million visitors yearly. Zigong also has a garden with a life-size replica dinosaur in its surroundings. The Zigong museum is built to give a realistic tour to its visitors.

Dinosaur Museum: The World’s Best List

4. Field Dinosaur Museum (Chicago, USA)

The Chicago’s Field Museum has in possession an Antarctic dinosaur display with recent discoveries from 2001. Antarctica as well all know is a land of snow and ice, but this land was once mellow. Also, a forested environment, and a conducive environment to dinosaurs. The display at this museum includes a fine reconstruction of the following. The Cryolophosaurus,” two recent “sauropod” ancient lineages, and a giant amphibian — “Antarctosuchus.”

Also, the Chicago’s Field museum displays the plant-eating, long-necked “titanosaur Patagotitan mayorum” dinosaur to date.

5. Natural History Museum, London

Dinosaur Museum: The World’s Best List

London’s Natural History Museum displays Sophie. Sophie is — the only complete “stegosaurus” skeleton ever, back from 2014. This one is just one of many exhibition centers, and of course a dinosaur display in London.

In conclusion, the natural history of this building, you’ll find an exact replica of Tyrannosaurus Rex. An Oviraptor egg, a “Euoplocephalus,” and a “Daspletosaurus” tooth to name a few. The Dinosaurs’ section can be easily reached in the Blue Zone next to Hintze Hall on the ground floor.

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