Best Dinosaur Cartoon Stories -

Best Dinosaur Cartoon Stories

Kids generally love dinosaur cartoon movies—and for good reason. After all, these charming giants ruled our planet at a point in time. To help give your little one the satisfaction of all things prehistoric yet funny, we’ve put together a list of our favorite dinosaur cartoons for kids. Every dinosaur cartoon on this list promises to entertain them for hours and hours. The educative aspect of these cartoons will also maintain their interest in science at large.

Best Dinosaur Cartoon Stories

Dinosaur Cartoon: The Barney’s Great Adventure

“Barney’s Great Adventure” is specifically directed to serve children of 6 years of age and below. A lot of cartoon lovers are used to those numerous videos of Barney in hundreds of episodes. However, Barney has his own dinosaur cartoon movie. There isn’t that much of a difference from what you have known Barney to be though. Only that he does them outdoors and with animals, shooting stars and balloons that transports people into the sky.

The main character in this dinosaur cartoon story, after Barney, is a first or second-grade toddler named Cody. Cody is just at that age when kids have doubts about dinosaur cartoons. The dinosaur cartoon ensures the favorite Barney and its three counterparts located a magical piece at a barn.

The movie ends with Cody believing in Barney. Who wouldn’t believe in an 8ft tall purple figure standing right next to them?

The Builder: Big Dino Dig

This dinosaur cartoon is centered on a crew whose goal was to build from scratch an amusement park after extracting a couple of dinosaur fossils. Lessons about leadership and effective teamwork are easily picked up from this fun cartoon.

Parents should have prior knowledge that this character features in almost all most loved popular TV show by kids.

Aside from pictures in a book displaying dinosaurs chasing each other, the content is widely acceptable. Bob, Wendy, and the entire vehicle construction team are positive role models for kids. This dinosaur cartoon also portrays great messages about teamwork and learning from errors.

Best Dinosaur Cartoon Stories

Dinosaur Cartoon: The Flintstones

When a cartoon has an all-star cast featuring Rick Moranis, John Goodman, Elizabeth Perkins, and Rosie O’Donnell its acceptance in the market is almost certain. The popularity of this cartoon hasn’t wavered all these years.

“The Flintstones,” created a movement in the mind of children that dinosaurs and humans co-existed at the same time on planet earth.

Journey To The Center Of The Earth

An upgrade of the evergreen 1959 movie, stars Brendan Fraser and Josh Hutcherson as they each embarked on a quest to find their brother and father, respectively, missing 10 years prior.

During a mission to Iceland, Professor Trevor Anderson, his nephew Sean and their guide, Hannah, got trapped in a cavern. As they walk the path of the only escape route below the Earth’s surface, they journeyed through bizarre places and encounter various creatures, including the dinosaurs. After being prompted by volcanic activities obvious to them, they had to exit that surrounding completely.

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