Best Dinosaur Movies Playlist For Kids -

Best Dinosaur Movies Playlist For Kids

Dinosaur movies have always created a huge acceptance among kids over time. Nothing makes the kids more thrilled than motion images of a dinosaur on a big screen. I can literally hear the sound of my niece screaming down my ears now, for every time I was cajoled into seeing a dinosaur movie with her at the cinema. Kids’ obsession with dinosaur movies makes sense, after all, these creatures are big, “seemingly cool,” and super fun to mimic. This terrifying, yet kind-hearted species of animals make picking out a good dinosaur movie quite difficult.

Best Dinosaur Movies Playlist For Kids

I love to rate dinosaur movies by how best they inspire kids and leave a lasting impression of dinosaurs being real animals (Not that I think they aren’t though 🙂 on them. I like to believe these movies go beyond the groans and mini earthquakes these creatures make in every two to three scenes. Consider this playlist of the best dinosaur movies we’ve picked out for your entertainment.

Dinosaur Movies: The Land Before Time (1988)

This realistically animated, a little bit traumatizing, yet a masterpiece delivered from the award-winning “Don Bluth” has been regarded as the entry point for dinosaur movies since its debut back in 1988.

For those of you who like the thrilling touch of intense scenes, I’m glad to hint that this dinosaur movie explores your wildest imaginations. Spoiler alert, stay aware of the aftermath it creates, which results in the decrease in quality from each cash-grabbing scene.

Best Dinosaur Movies Playlist For Kids

Dinosaur (2000)

A brilliant experimental dinosaur movie from Disney brought sync of live-action backgrounds and skillfully crafted computer animation. The storyline features an Iguanodon orphan crossing a harsh portion of land in search of shelter. This dinosaur movie shares similar themes as “The Land Before Time,” but somehow did well to raise its pictorial standards perfectly well.

Paleontology lovers would certainly not recover from this dinosaur movie, as it’s well-rendered with diverse species of dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Train: Dinosaur Big City (2011)

This is a series production focused on a cartoon family of “pteranodons” and their adopted “T-rex brother” who got in a mode of transport, and came in contact with different species of its kind for every episode of the movie series. Aside the rails being ridden by talking dinosaurs, the prehistoric life the movie portrays, as each episode shed light in dinosaurs behavior, ranging from herbivorous to aquatic beasts is what I like to call a “slam-delivery”

Its alt-country rocking theme song got me nodding to the groove while I had a bag of chips at hand during every episode.

Dinosaur Movies: The Good Dinosaur (2015)

The tale is centered in an ancient world where the coexistence of dinosaurs and humans was made possible.

Best Dinosaur Movies Playlist For Kids

They were moments of chaos in this movie though, but “The Good Dinosaur” by itself is a fully-packed entertainment dinosaur movie that should keep young viewers captivated while still giving the grownups a lot to marvel at.

Check every dinosaur movie on this playlist. Trust me; it’s just the perfect playlist there is.

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