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Dinosaur Facts And Five Things That’ll Interest You

Dinosaur facts could get lengthy and over educative. We all have an idea or two of how big the dinosaurs were, we know for a fact that a few of them even had feathers, and that they probably all went extinct millions of years ago after a huge meteor hit the surface of the earth.

But how much of a scholar are you where the dealings of these creatures are concerned? How much can you tell about the Era they lived in? Shall we look through at a few dinosaur facts to get you more interested?

Dinosaur Facts And Five Things That’ll Interest You

Dinosaur Facts: The First Earth Dinosaurs Weren’t The First Reptiles To Rule The Earth

First dinosaur fact, do you know that dinosaurs were not the first reptiles to rule the reptile world on earth?

The dominant reptiles on land before the first evolution of dinosaurs were the archosaurs (“ruling lizards”), therapsids (“mammal-like reptiles”), and pelycosaurs. Also, for about 20 million years after the evolution of dinosaurs took place, the most terrifying earth reptiles were the crocodiles.

It was not until the inception of the Jurassic period, over 200 million years ago, that the dinosaurs actively initiated the dominance on earth.

Dinosaur Facts: The Kingdom Comprised Of Two Main Arms

Who would come to think that these fearsome creatures had a kingdom in which they operated? I think it would have made much sense if the dinosaurs were divided into herbivores and carnivores. Like life would have been made easier for them right? And in turn, other animals would know to stay off the carnivores.

However, the paleontologists perceived these dinosaur facts from a much different angle. They believed the only way to have successfully distinguished the dinosaurs was to group them into some sort of reptile looking lizard. Also, some of them had hipped like those of the birds.

The Saurischian dinosaurs consist of both herbivorous sauropods, carnivorous theropods, and prosauropods, while ornithischians are the plant-eating dinosaurs, including hadrosaurs, ornithopods, and ceratopsian. As odd as this fact might sound, the Aves (birds) evolved from “lizard-hipped,” other than “bird-hipped” dinosaurs as we would have expected them to be.

Dinosaurs Facts: Practically Evolved Into Birds

Permit me to start by saying that not all paleontologist is quite convinced about the above statement, and we can expect that they cannot be widely accepted as theories. Well, the majority of the evidence got points to existing birds evolving from feathered and small theropod dinosaurs during the Jurassic period.

Bear in mind that this process of dinosaurs evolving into birds may have happened a few times. Certainly, not all lead led to a successful evolution. In dinosaur-fact, according to the way evolutionary relationships has always played out, we won’t be entirely wrong if we choose to refer to modern birds as being evolved from dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Facts And Five Things That’ll Interest You

A large Number Of Dinosaurs Were Herbivores

It has always been a popular dinosaur fact that the carnivores dinosaurs (“apex predators”) are less in number compared to the group of plant-eating dinosaurs on which they feed.

By analogy with modern ecosystems across various continents, herbivorous and sauropods were known for wandering the world’s continents in multiple numbers, searching after Green.

Dinosaurs Facts: They Didn’t All Go Extinct At The Same Time

The process of extinction of all dinosaurs wasn’t a brief or one-time event. It took hundreds or thousands of years until we could notice there absence in our world. Research shows that it was a result of some basic factors needed for these animals’ survival that made them extinct.

I hope you became more knowledgeable about dinosaurs from these few facts.

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