Most Deadly Dinosaurs That Roamed The Earth -

Most Deadly Dinosaurs That Roamed The Earth

Let’s take a quick time travel back and review some of the deadly dinosaurs that roamed the planet. I love to see the extinction of these deadly dinosaurs as a blessing to Humanity. This list discusses in detail the features of the most deadly dinosaurs. The interesting part of these creatures is that we never expect them to surface the Earth ever again. Although having a taste their way of life would not have totally been a bad idea. Enjoy the read!

Deadly Dinosaurs: The TYRANNOSAURUS REX

For certain we all expected the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex at the top of this list. Well, you got want you wanted right? The name of this deadly dinosaur means ‘Tyrant Lizard’. Tyrannosaurus rex is classified and belongs to the Tyrannosauridae family.

Most Deadly Dinosaurs That Roamed The Earth


The Chinese Reptilian Wing was the first deadly dinosaur to be excluded in the Avialae proven to have wings. They had furry coats of feathers that looked a little charming and attracts their prey. The Sinosauropteryx had short arms and long tails that made them close relatives of the Compsognathus. Both Sinosauropteryx and Compsognathus belong to the Compsognathidae family. These deadly dinosaurs lived in the North of the east, China during the Cretaceous period. They emerged the first dinosaurs to be found from the Yixian Formation.


The name Allosaurus means ‘different lizard’. They are also classified as Reptiles and descendants of the family of Allosauridae. These deadly dinosaurs are widely known to have a large skull with a set of sharp teeth arranged in every corner of their jaw. They had a greater balance which meant they pounce on their victims to trap them down. Do we really wish for creatures as deadly as these to be back in our day-to-day lives?

Most Deadly Dinosaurs That Roamed The Earth


Kronosaurus means ‘Lizard of Kronos’. These deadly dinosaurs were named after a famous Elite Greek leader called “Cronus”. Never fall, victims of their short necks, because they reach an average length of 13 m. This family of dinosaur is among the deadliest you can ever come across. One of my favorites of their features is their large teeth placement over and above 7 cm. The largest Kronosaurus has a teeth length of 30 cm. Scary right?

Deadly Dinosaurs: The VELOCIRAPTOR

Most Deadly Dinosaurs That Roamed The Earth

Remember the popular movie called ‘Jurassic Park’ and the great insight into how dumb they could be. Velociraptor means ‘swift seizer.’ This alone should hint to you that a personal encounter with this deadly dinosaur would result in mass destruction. They were part of the late Cretaceous Period, and most fossils discovered were found in Mongolia and China. These dinosaurs seem possibly harmless judging from their size and weight. Don’t be deceived, they attack in numbers, and are super fast.

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