Smart Dinosaurs And Their Capabilities

Smart dinosaurs are the two most contrasting words I’ve heard all year. Pound for pound, dinosaurs are still considered to be the dumbest creatures known to be housed by Earth. It’s no news that higher percentages were not smart. It’s bad enough that we had to deal with gigantic dinosaurs. But having the earth filled with crawling smart dinosaurs, that would have been bad.

Smart Dinosaurs And Their Capabilities

Back on track, some dinosaurs exhibited a minimal level of mammalian intelligence. Similarly, this article lists a few smart dinosaurs, explains a direct combination of their behavior and anatomy.

Smart Dinosaurs: Troodon

Troodon, a dinosaur with the size of a regular Homo Sapien, has become the poster lizard for smart dinosaurs. Thanks to a really old piece I stumbled on years by a successful paleontologist Dale Russell. Dale speculated about him being sure this dinosaur would not have evolved had the K/T extinction never occurred.

Judging the Troodon’s predatory build up—a stereo vision made possible by its big eyes, and blazing blazing speed this is one deadly smart dinosaur. Paleontologists agree that Troodon had a brain different from all dinosaurs. Troodon had a brain the size of a modern opossum’s, which placed it above other dinosaurs.


Don’t get to quick to single out the Deinonychus off the list of smart dinosaurs, by that scene from the Jurassic Park series. Deinonychus wasn’t nearly as smart enough to turn a doorknob yet the velociraptors in “Steven Spielberg’s” movie did something similar.

Here’s a convincing fact. There are circumstantial proofs that Deinonychus hunted in packs, just so they could pull down the plant-eating dinosaur Tenontosaurus together. This alone entails a tricky sophisticated way of reasoning and communication.


The Compsognathus counters the standard we’ve been following for a while now. Unlike Deinonychus, the Compsognathus function cleverly without a large brain.

Smart Dinosaurs And Their Capabilities

This chicken-sized dinosaur appeared to be a guru in the times when dinosaurs existed. Some like to say the Compsognathus was not as smart as others guessed exaggerated. I like to counter this by saying they were smart enough as needed in the Mesozoic Era. Perhaps Compsognathus stayed a part of the smart dinosaurs by evolving from the gliding Archaeopteryx.

Smart Dinosaurs: Oviraptor

As History teaches, the dumbest birds alive today were much clever than the animals we talk about today. In light of this, the feathered Oviraptor, which was not a true descendant of a raptor, is surely one of the smart dinosaurs of the Late Cretaceous period.

Also, the Oviraptor was one of the rare theropods wise enough to sit on their eggs until they hatched. They were initially recognized to have filched their eggs from the Protoceratops, which gave the name Oviraptors, Greek for “egg thief”.


It takes an alerted instinct animal with a high level of intelligence to migrate in large herds. The Maiasaura, of every smart dinosaur, are the only ones to carve out wide nesting grounds and tend to their young after birth. In conclusion, these animals are known as the “good mother lizard,” and considered the most intelligent hadrosaurs from the time.

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