The Triceratops And Their Interesting Facts -

The Triceratops And Their Interesting Facts

The Triceratops is without doubts one of my favorite species of dinosaurs, and you’ll get to know why as the article continues. Maybe they are not so different from other dinosaurs, or perhaps I’ve just gotten to love the character they play in movies, you’ll get to see. Many years ago I used to think the Tyrannosaurus rex was the only huge dinosaur before extinction, to my greatest surprise; the Triceratops.

These creatures have three stiffed horns and a huge frill. The structure of the Triceratops may be one of the reasons why the general public get almost similar awe when they see a Tyrannosaurus rex. But in the end, we got to know some interesting facts about the Triceratops that may get you amazed. Here are a few known facts about this carnivorous dinosaur.

The Triceratops And Their Interesting Facts

The Triceratops Had Two Horns

Over time there has always been a contradicting argument about the number of horns the triceratops had. Not until a few years after the fossil of this dinosaur surfaced, did we get to know it was two and not three all along? Many were surprised about this discovery though. It never made any sense that it was two and not three horns. Even if your Greek is terrible to know that Triceratops means “a three-horned face”, you must know that ” Tri” means three. So, it’s still a mystery that it’s named a thing, and has a contrasting structure.

The Huge Skull

I can still remember vividly the look on my face when I heard for the first time that the skull of a Triceratops weighs almost two-thirds of its body mass. From the display of its fossil in a popular museum today, the only part of the dinosaur that makes it so pronounced is the skull. When I made further study, I realized it was a genetical similarity among its kind. Almost all ceratopsians had quite huge skulls.

The Tyrannosaurus Feeds On The Triceratops

If you happen to be a diehard lover of dinosaurs, you would know that the Tyrannosaurus and triceratops existed in the same Era. This was just before the end of the K-T extinction. I sometimes wonder how the chase of the survivor of these two gigantic dinosaurs happened. Every part of the earth’s crust must have felt their mighty feet crushing the soil during a chase. As regretting as it may sound, the Tyrannosaurus often fed on the Triceratops for survival.

The Use Of Their Frills

The Triceratops And Their Interesting Facts

Remember the interesting feature I spoke about in the introduction of this article, here it is. The Triceratops flawlessly uses their frills to communicate with their kinds. I could just vibe my youngest sibling a million miles away, and summon her to my room. Now that I think of it clearly, it does sound a little creepy though, but cool. Each color of the frill meant various things; from sexual signals to them warning one another of a hungry-looking Tyrannosaurus searching for prey. Some signals also meant a change in temperature irregularities or malfunction.

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