The Velociraptor And All You Need To Know -

The Velociraptor And All You Need To Know

The Velociraptor is a true dinosaur that existed millions of years ago. If you’ve always believed that the movie makers created them as a fictional character, then you need to think twice. I still wonder why anyone would think of them as fictional since they are one of the famous dinosaurs the world ever housed. Let’s get right to it quickly; here are a few interesting facts about these amazing creatures.

The Velociraptor And All You Need To Know

The Movies Never Feature A Real Velociraptor

It was a bitter truth to discover that the velociraptor featured in the popular “Jurassic World” movie was only animated. After a few contradicting arguments between fans of the movie, the creators finally admitted that the animal was animated. If you truly have seen the movie, you would agree that the special effects looked as real as you could imagine. The creators brought a replica of the life and surroundings of these animals into the character.

The Velociraptor Was A Feathered Dinosaur

The velociraptor evolved from the little-looking and highly primitive raptor. Trained paleontologists conclude that velociraptor had feathers and not skin like the reptiles. Many of them believed this was as a result of them possessing quill knobs, similar to what birds have today. You wish those were the only reasons to characterize them as birds, but they had pale-looking, colorless, and structures that made them look like a parrot.

Chicken-Sized Dinosaurs

The Velociraptor And All You Need To Know

Who would have thought a dinosaur that is almost always compared to a Tyrannosaurus rex, with its astonishing size? It’s still surprising that this animal weighed only about 32 pounds. Are you scale it properly, you figure out that’s the exact size of an average toddler. How then was this little looking animal a dinosaur? I’m pretty sure its size must have made fellas who believe all dinosaurs are gigantic creatures. Well, the velociraptor wasn’t, it was the direct opposite of your regular dinosaur in size.

They Never Moved In Groups

Looking back at the recorded history of every velociraptor found, I pretty much can see clearly that they never moved in packs. They were one of the few solitary dinosaurs, who never cared much about hunting in numbers. This I always find intriguing, because you would expect that their size would make then go in packs to get their prey. But I guess reverse was the case in these creatures. Perhaps sometimes they moved in numbers to take down bigger size dinosaurs, but there has not been enough evidence to show they go in packs.

Not The Smartest Dinosaur

The Velociraptor And All You Need To Know

There was a scene in the popular ‘Jurassic Park ‘ movie, where a typical velociraptor decoded how to move a doorknob? Well, that’s was all fiction. How do I make this sound clear enough? The dumbest toddler is twice as smart as the most clever Troodon. There are proven facts that no reptiles (not before or after extinction) can make use of a tool or utensil. As basic as this might seem for us as humans, it’s quite impossible tasks for the reptiles. In reality, a velociraptor would have hit its head against a closed building without realizing it did.

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