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Water Dinosaurs And Sea Creatures That Ever Lived

Certainly, water dinosaurs ruled the ocean with a level of cruelty that can never be compared to the sharks and other ruthless marine animals. Regardless of how scary you think life under the sea might be now, it is only a fraction of what it was when they used it. I love to explain it this way, the deadliest creature in the sea right now was most like what the water dinosaurs fed on. Well, that just what I think though. Let’s take a look at them and sea monsters that ever lived and their history.

Water Dinosaurs and Sea Creatures that ever Lived

Spinosaurus; The Water Dinosaur

Whenever you think of water dinosaurs, picture spinosaurus. This lovely was one of the water dinosaurs to have had a long and influential terrain of existence. Luckily for the historians, the fossil of spinosaurus surfaced not long after the Tyrannosaurus. Rumor had it that the remains of the last spinosaurus went into ruins during World War II when a major explosion occurred in the capital of Germany. The use of its long and strong jaw in the capturing of prey made it such an interesting piece among paleontologists.


Aside from others like spinosaurus, Mosasaurus was one of the biggest predators in the ocean. This sea-predator was of an average length of 50 feet and about one of the deadliest creatures the ocean habitat has ever accommodated. Scientists who studied its bone structure still record a significant look-alike of an aquatic lizard. It is a relief that this animal existed about 60-70 million years ago. The ocean prey of this age would have constantly witnessed a daily dosage of its wrath.


Water Dinosaurs and Sea Creatures that ever Lived

Tylosaurus was one of the water dinosaurs from the Mosasaurus species. The size of this creature is also synonymous to others like it; 50 feet long. The animal was mostly considered a sea lizard than a water dinosaur. Paleontologists believed that the body structure of the animal made it more of an aquatic lizard and less like the water dinosaurs. One striking fact about this creature is that its fossil remains left traces of major sea animals in its stomach. Animals we believe in this age couldn’t be prey to any creature in the sea; like sharks.

Nothosaurus Not A Water Dinosaurs

One sea reptile which could be dated back with other water dinosaurs is the Nothosaurus. The average Nothosaurus can be measured as 13 feet in length and also found a couple of millions of years ago. The fossils of this creature spread across various continents; from the northern part of Africa down to mid-China. The Nothosaurus fed mostly on fishes of all sizes because of the structure of its mouth and outward-pointing dental arrangements.

Plesiosaurus: False Water Dinosaurs

Water Dinosaurs and Sea Creatures that ever Lived

Most of them were particularly distinct in their mode of feeding on prey and dominance in the sea. However, plesiosaurus had a clear look-alike of the Loch Ness Monster, was almost 12 feet long and possessed the right body structure to thrive in the early Jurassic period. England was the first location where the plesiosaurus fossils showed up. Nowadays, we have reports of its fossils seen in common places in the world.

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